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I read and accepted all conditions of sale, guarantee and privacy and therefore i confirm my registration.

Informative about treatment of the personal data

The furnished data will be used exclusively for the use required by the consumer, and, according to the current laws, third won't be surrendered to. By selecting AUTHORIZE, the consumer guarantees the truthfulness of the furnished data and lends his/her own consent to the use of the data above picked as suitable. Furthermore the consumer declares to have read of following informations: We declare that, in conformity with the art. 10 law 675/96, the data are picked up with the purpose to furnish the in demand information; the consumer enjoys some rights of which to the art. 13 law 675/96..


Sales Conditions and guarantee

All the commercial relationships are them sales of goods or services on the site www.autobraze.it they are regulated by the present conditions of sale, and from the laws of the Italian state.

1. Subjects.
Supplier: the firm AUTOBRAZE - legal and operational Center - Street St. Nazzaro 20 - 20882 - Bellusco - Monza Brianza - P.IVA - 06491710965
Client: the subject identified by the data inserted to the action of the recording and acceptance of the present general conditions.

2. Object of the service.
Through the service offered by the database the Supplier it makes of the Client a virtual shelf available from which e'possibile to view on line and to ask for offers for the published products. The service is exclusively turned to subjects of the sector, firms and juridical people, that have a proper and stable organization. Every article e'corredato from a technical card, in the case of commerce material such card will exclusively be based on the made data known from the respective producers. The Client can view the catalog of the Supplier and to effect preventive only following the acceptance of the present conditions of sale and guarantee during the recording. Every time that the client effects one or more estimates, will receive a mail for the confirmation of the in demand estimates. The final order will be finalized with some mails, out of the formulated estimate with the published database on line.

3. Nature of the relationship and cases of not applicability of the norms to guardianship of the consumers.
In conformity to how much anticipated from the national and community laws currently in vigor, the economic relationship between the Supplier and the Client and' exclusively disciplined by the normative one to guardianship of the consumers in the case in which the Client purchases for extraneous personal purposes to his/her own working activity. Insofar to the relationships among the Supplier and the Client that it purchases for inherent finality his/her own working activity furnishing his/her own Game IVA they are not applied the normative ones to guardianship of the consumers among which particularly the D.Lgs. n. 185 of 1999 (concluded contracts to distance), D.Lgs n. 50 of 1992 (straight of recess) and artt. 1469 encore and followings of the c.c. , unless the sold material doesn't enjoy of guarantee of years 2 granted directly from the builder.

4. Prices.
Different indication written excepted all the suitable prices they are to intend him "IVA Inclusa" and express in European. The validity of the suitable prices and' always and only that pointed out by the procedure (preventive or cart) in the same moment of the forwarding of the Application to the Supplier.

5. Orders of purchase.
Our system of electronic catalog results only to informative level, also distinguishing the difference between estimate and order, the purchase it will be definitive in the other center, where agreements will be the payments and the deliveries.
The Supplier doesn't perform partial escapes of the orders I save in the cases expressly authorized by the Client. If after having defined the order, an unavailability of the orderly products results, due to causes of great strength, the supplier is kept to communicate the information related to the escape of the same order, to the lacking products, to the possibility of partial escape to be confirmed. Every application and' countersigned by an univocal code and it contains the indication of the date of forwarding to the system, the detail of the purchased articles and the single prices iva included express in European, the I recapitulate costs total suitable for rateable (excluded iva) and for total (included iva) in European. The Client accepts that the communications sent by the Supplier inherent to the application, are received in formed electronic e-mail (sets electronics pdf) and medium service Web.

6. Formality of Delivery.
The Supplier effects the consignments to the Client with messengers or set national, and the commodity travels in I Bring Frank with expenses and risks of the transport to loaded suit of the Client. Such expenses and other connected burdens eventually to the transport e/o to the consignment of the products is counted and sends away mail before effecting the payment or different dispositions excepted between client and supplier.
During the receipt of the commodity to his/her own domicile the Client must verify the integrity of the necks and the quantitative correspondence, with how much suitable in the document accompagnatorio. In case of discordances e/o difformità will be care of the Client to make to exactly annotate the same on the document of transport (bead or letter of car) and to communicate the found discordance to the AUTOBRAZE at the right moment, for accellerare the procedure of rhesus or substitution commodity for defects launches.

7. You finish indicative of delivery.
The Supplier points out as times for the delivery to the Client, the express working days in the confirmation of order, or in the detaglio of the article, to exception of the islands and Communes montani of difficulty access for which the time of delivery is indicatively regulated by the messengers or services used days.

8. Straight of recess.
The Supplier, to the senses of the D.Lgs. 185/99 (the consumers' guardianship in the concluded contracts to distance), the Client informs than you/he/she follows:
The right of recess can be practiced from the Client within and not over 10 working days from the reception of the orderly commodity.
The right of recess is exclusively up to the Client - final consumer that purchases for thin extraneous to his/her own economic and working activity and that therefore it purchases communicating to the Supplier, together with the registry data, his/her own Fiscal Code.
The right of recess is not applied to the Client that purchases for inherent finality his/her own working activity (for example: instrumental use, resale etc.) and what therefore you communicate the registry data and his/her own Game to the Supplier IVA.
The right of Recess practices him through the dispatch of a recommended letter with mail confirmation, or directly introducing himself/herself/itself in the center in the schedules of office previous appointment telephonely arranged.
Both introducing himself/herself/itself in the center or sending the registered letter, you/they must reach the following information :
1. The number of order for which the recess practices him.
2. The express wish of the Client to want to recede in everything or partly from the contract of purchase.
3. The description and the codes of the articles for which the right of recess practices him.
4. Copy of the document of purchase (invoice. fiscal Slip - document of transport) related to the order object of the recess.
5. Banking coordinates of the Client (I count current, abi, cab, intestatario of the account if diverged by Client).
Lacking the requisite of which to the precedents points 1, 2, 3 and 4 the Supplier cannot recognize to the Client the right of recess. For correctness of the relationship the Client hocks him to preserve and to guard with the maximum care and diligence the received products and for which intends to practice the right of recess preserving them entire together with you pack him original, insides and outside as well as to all the accessories furnished in endowment to every product.


9. Guarantees on the products.
The Client accepts, during the purchase, integrally, the conditions of commercial guarantee and assistance eventually offered by the producers of the articles purchased that you/they can be independent from the will of the Supplier which therefore he doesn't answer of such conditions of guarantee and assistance. In every case the Client can ask for information around the particular conditions of guarantee and the services of assistance offered by the various producers contacting us to half e-mail or through other special tool of communication predisposed on the site of the Supplier.

10. Guarantees lent by the Client.
The Client guarantees, assuming himself/herself/itself every inherent responsibility and holding uninjured the Supplier from any prejudicial consequence, that his/her own data, furnished to the action of the acceptance of the present general conditions, they are truthful and they allow to individualize the true identity of the Client himself which also hocks him to immediately inform the Supplier in form writing, also to half e-mail, of every variation of the furnished data. During the recording, the Client you/they are attributed to a code of identification subscribed (Name Consumer or Username) and a key word whose (Password) joined use will identify the Client himself and will allow this last to effect on-line purchases on the site. The Client is informed therefore of the fact that the applications of order or preventive sent forth through the joined use of UserID and Password they are valid and binding they are in the moment in which in the other center, you/they are defined and arranged the quantities, the payments and the deliveries. The Client is therefore kept to preserve both the code of identification and with the maximum diligence, maintaining them both secrets for all through the relationship with the Supplier. The Client and' besides informed of the necessity to communicate an address to the Supplier valid e-mail with the purpose to allow the Supplier the forwarding rihieste of order and estimates and every other possible communication.

11. limitations of the responsibility.
Whatever information related to the products sold by the Supplier exclusively founds him on the published data and rhesuses known from the respective producers or retailers, therefore the same Supplier not and' responsible for the correspondence of the commodity sold to the specifications published on the site. The Supplier declines besides every responsibility for malfunctions, interruptions of the services, I degrade of performances is these due ones or less to causes of great strength or accidental case, when directly is not imputable to the same Supplier for his/her malice or serious guilt.

12. Communications.
The Client accepts that the notification and the inherent communications all the on-line (inclusive those related to the applications of purchase) services are effected by the Supplier in formed electronic e-mail (sets electronics) and medium service Web, you/he/she recognizes since expressly the full validity and renouncement of it to disown the content of the sent declarations e/o received in formed electronic. The Client and' informed and it accepts that the Supplier holds file of the Files technical Log on his/her own inherent systems the tracciabilità of the operations of preventivazione and passage application and recognizes the validity of it to the purpose of possible reconstruction of the relationships set in to be.

13. Cost of the use of the technique of distance communication.
For all the on-line services on the site of the Supplier the costs of connection are applied practised by the Provider used by the Client for the same connection to which the Client himself must turn for getting the due information.

14. Applicable law.
For all the services of electronic catalog of the site, it is applied in by exclusive the law of the Italian State.

15. Controversies.
For every controversy the hole of competence Monza


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